StatML admissions 2024/25:

  • General applications are now closed. It is possible that at a future date funding will become available for additional specific projects, in such cases details will be provided here.

If you have any general questions, please contact Frédérique Godin at

——————————— General applications are now closed! ————————————

Please refer to the institutions’ respective admission pages for guidelines and deadlines. We aim to award most of the studentships during this cycle. We may run a second round, if places are still available. 

If you have any general questions please contact Frederique Godin at

We would like to receive applications from individuals who hold (or expect to receive) a masters level degree (or equivalent) in mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science, engineering, or in a closely related subject. 

Whilst the programme is normally intended for full-time study, we welcome applications for part-time study, including from those with established careers or caring responsibilities.

The majority of our funded studentships are limited to Home / Republic of Ireland nationals. However, in recognition of the outstanding talent of many overseas students, both Oxford and Imperial offer several highly prestigious international scholarships designed to attract and reward the best students.

An additional source of funding open to all applicants, including overseas students through Imperial College is via the “President’s scholarship”

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To be considered for this scholarship, you need to follow the procedures on the Imperial website (please note this differs to the standard CDT application procedure and there are specific deadlines unrelated to the CDT you need to adhere to).  Furthermore, prior to applying, candidates must have contacted a supervisor in an academic department at Imperial College London who has agreed to supervise their research project and their name needs to be put on the application form.

In order to be considered for most Oxford University scholarships, students must have applied by the 19th of January 2024.  

Please find listed information on eligibility, fee status and stipends:

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For any information regarding the programme and admissions, please get in touch with Frédérique Godin at

StatML Directors will be hosting online Q&A’s to provide information about the application process in 2024. The last one will be held by Prof Sarah Filippi on Wednesday January 10th, at 14.30.

To register your interest in joining the last session, please send an email to Frédérique Godin at the above-mentioned email address. 

You can also get in touch with one of our Directors by writing to the email addresses below: 

Every student will have a home institution (either Imperial or Oxford) and will receive their degree from this institution. Training will take place at both institutions.    


During the admissions process, it will be determined which university (Imperial or Oxford) would be your home institution. You would have to fulfil the language requirements of your home institution. Links to the requirements: ImperialOxford.

  1. Send an application to the Admissions Portal for Oxford and/or Imperial.
    • Please note that you will be required to provide supporting documents such as a personal statement/statement of purpose, your most recent transcript, your resume, and your references. You are not expected to write a research proposal, only a personal statement/statement of purpose, and your references should be received by the application deadline, or shortly after at most. 
    • Your personal statement/statement of purpose should include information such as the following:
      • Your motivation for wanting to do a PhD
      • Your motivation for choosing to apply to StatML 
      • Explanation of which domains or questions in statistics and machine learning interest you the most and why. You may want to include any links between theses research interests and those of StatML supervisors.
      • Anything we need to know to better understand you CV/transcript/references (e.g. if you had mitigating circumstances, let us know, but we do not need to know the details of the circumstances).
  2. Assessment and interviews will take place once applications have been received through the suggested university.
  3. Offers will be made by Imperial or by Oxford (depending on where you have applied to).

Should you have any further queries regarding the application process please do not hesitate to contact us.

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